Management Concepts - Testimonial


Aldo has a mix of investment properties, both commercial and residential. He has always managed the properties himself, but as his portfolio grew the time required to oversee the properties became too much. Still, he did not "want to lose the personal touch."

It can daunting to any owner to turn over the care of their property to a third party. "I felt that the oversight of my most valuable investment should be directly controlled by me. So, at first the idea of using a management company didn't appeal to me. It wasn't only an issue of control, I was concerned that with the income on the properties being limited at best, that I didn't want to spend more money just hiring someone to do my job. I didn't see the benefits."


Many property owners face the same dilemma that Aldo did. Management Concept understands these concerns and its whole business strategy is based around providing services superior to those a single landlord could achieve. "I researched my options and contacted Joe Gianino. After speaking with him and seeing how his company functioned I decided to give it a shot."


"Using Management Concepts has paid me back many times over. I used to pay 2 or 3 times more per repair than I am being charged now. My savings on maintenance alone covers the management costs. Without reducing my profit, I have my free time back. Property Management isn't a cost anymore, it is an investment. I get checks every month without hassle or worry and I get to do what I want with my time."


"I have a full time job and my time is valuable. When I factor in my own time in the costs of managing and maintaining a rental property, it is a no-brainer. If you do the math, it makes no sense at all to manage it on my own. If a toilet breaks and I spent time trying to get everything sorted out, it would end up being the most expensive toilet repair ever."


"I recommend Management Concepts to anyone looking for a top-notch organization that cares about its clients. They help me achieve my goals and have improved my quality of life through their dedicated efforts on my behalf. I stay as involved as I want to be in the decision making for the property. I have control over my investment, but let someone else deal with the late-night emergency maintenance phone calls, and I still maintain my profitability."{Close Window}