Management Concepts - Testimonial


Dan has investment properties in three states. When his firm took over a Rhode Island company he purchased a home in Pawtucket. But, when he moved again for work he decided to keep the house as an investment property. He and his wife looked for a property manager in Rhode Island (as required by Rhode Island law) and found Joseph Gianino and Management Concepts.


"Joe allows me to have a very hands-off management style. He comes to me with a list if items that need attention and proposed solutions." Dan can then approve the solutions as he sees appropriate.


Dan is not new to property management. "A lot of companies will sell you on the service and then push you off to someone else for management." But with Management Concepts, "the responsiveness is terrific. Joe is personally involved, no job is too small for him. He pays attention, he has a lot of attention to detail."


The biggest problem his property has faced is when a water line to a refrigerator broke, causing around $13,000 in damage. "Joe and his team were effective in apprising me of the situation, working with the tenants to put them at ease, and communicating what his plans were. His team worked closely to make sure that contractors had appropriate access to the property. Joe provided me with pictures and we spoke about what needed to take place. For a variety of reasons it wouldn't have been possible to go to the home to see the damage. But, I was very satisfied that the work being done was being handled well."


Dan went on to say "Joe doesn't call me for everything, he doesn't need to." Management Concepts takes this kind of trust very seriously and makes sure that property owners are as involved as they want to be with their investment property. {Close Window}