Management Concepts - Testimonial


When Diane's father passed away and she took over the ownership of his building, it was in shambles. It needed a lot of work just to be functional. Having watched her father, she had seen first hand the investment of time that managing the space would require. Before she could even worry about renting it out, she needed sound advice on how to make the building viable, while controlling costs. She knew she needed to have a professional property manager. According to herself, Diane "tends to go overboard with everything."


Joseph Gianino (owner of Management Concepts) advised Diane on how to renovate the space and oversaw the work. He took the building from being in terrible condition to being a flourishing and thriving space with active tenants and retail space. Mr. Gianino helped Diane "stay in tune with what I really needed to do." He was able to make the restoration efficient and cost effective and find the tenants to make the space financial successful. Having a property manager decreases Diane's stress level "tremendously." Management Concepts and Joseph Gianino have been helping the building, which contains the now well-known McCoy Market, thrive for over 10 years and will continue to do so well into the future.


Diane says, "We've had absolutely no problems. He takes care of everything - Management Concepts was a great find." {Close Window}