Management Concepts - Testimonial


When Ivan and Sonya found out that they would be stationed overseas for their military service, they understood the importance of having a good property manager: "We did not want to leave a valuable asset to just anyone. Knowing that a reputable company would have the resources and dedicate the time to keep our property [well maintained] is of deep importance to us."

"Being far away from the property and not having or knowing what resources are available to quickly fix a problem is scary enough. But, when we had a roof leak which required fixing, Management Concepts quickly addressed and fixed the problem. They also immediately notified us of what was going on with the property. This type of communication and commitment is valuable."

"It wasn't just this isolated incident that has given us confidence in Management Concepts. It is their on-going efforts that makes us feel secure knowing that our home is in their care. When previous tenants were late with payments and truly could not afford the payments, Management Concepts researched and found a new suitable candidate to rent our property. We have received consistent payment over the past two years. We would recommend Management Concepts to others who need property management."{Close Window}