Management Concepts - Testimonial


Ron first met with Joseph Gianino of Management Concepts when his girlfriend was a tenant in one of Management Concepts' properties. In his interactions with Joe, dropping off rent or other apartment related issues, he felt not only well taken care of but also respected - "He was a class individual." So, when he decided to purchase some investment properties he felt there was only one way to go for property management - Management Concepts.


Ron studied his options prior to purchasing any properties. He lives in Massachusetts, but as an investor he felt that Rhode Island presented much better opportunities and his dollar would go further. However, it wasn't just a monetary consideration to choose RI. Ron knew that if he was buying property in Rhode Island he could have Joseph Gianino manage his property, and to quote Ron, "I probably wouldn't have done it if I didn't know Joe was there."


"We bought low and sold high. When we first got in we got involved a tiny bit, but we can go months or years really without having to speak with Joe. He deals with everything. He has an excellent lawyer and he'll work with someone if they're struggling. We haven't had any problems. I know a bit about customer service indexes and if I were giving ratings I would say Joe [Management Concepts] is excellent across the board. One of the main reasons I wanted him to be our manager was because he treats people with respect. As a renter I dealt with him and it is when someone doesn't have to treat you well, but they do anyway, that you see their character. Joe always treats people right and I think it's a sign of his high character."{Close Window}