Management Concepts - Testimonial


Ted had previous experience with property management companies, but when his management company went out of business, he found Management Concepts. "Management Concepts takes responsibility for all aspects of the property from maintenance and repairs to tenant issues and collecting rent."

"Management Concepts has been very proactive with repair work. Joe brought to our attention safety issues with the stairs and then had them repaired, replaced a shower that was slowly leaking for years and oversaw the replacement of the roof. All of these projects were well managed and priced reasonably."

"We have had several tenant issues related to late payments. Management Concepts has had a very balanced approach to working with the tenants to get back on track while at the same time pursuing the appropriate legal remedies to assure collection. Management Concepts has allowed us to maintain this home truly as an investment property. The team handles all aspects of management and provides appropriate updates and good monthly financial statements." {Close Window}